David Coulthard, choices in a F1 cockpit

„I scored my first point in only my second grand prix, but what the public didn’t know was that I have lost my feeling in my foot during the race. Not long into the early laps, I realized I couldn’t not feel my foot under braking, which when you are driving at 200 mph is not an ideal scenario. I had a choice:

a) park the car and give in

b) make do and struggle on

David Coulthard

I did the latter, there was no option as far as I was concerned. I knew that if I stopped that was it, game over; if you try to finish, but the injury overwhelms you, than at least you’ve tried your hardest. On this occasion I just could not feel my foot. It was a bit like severe pins and needles and I didn’t really know how much pressure I was putting on the brake and I didn’t quite have the same strength and control… but you adapt. It’s amazing what you’ll do when you do not have a choice, because stopping was not an option. If you give up, you give up, end of story. That was not going to happen.”

David Coulthard – It is what it is (the Autobiography)

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