0 points for winning

Bill Wash a fost un mare antrenor de fotbal american. Destul de contra cultural adica nu urla la jucatori, nu punea presiune pe ei inutil, nu-i antrena pe caldura lipsindu-i de apa ca sa-i faca mai rezistenti.

A preluat echipa intr-un moment extrem de prost si a pus accent pe stilul de joc decit pe victorii, lucru care era sa-l coste postul de antrenor.

In cartea din care am preluat citatul face multe paralele interesante dintre lidearshipul unui business de fotbal american si businessul uzual.


„That anxiety about failure, that disgust with failure, that failure is really a distinct part of competition and must be absolutely under your control. Unfortunately this is very hard to do so – at least it was for me and took four of five years off my coaching career at San Francisco. 

Losing, however you define it, even the thought of losing, can become so psychologically crippling that winning offers little solace and no cause for celebration because you have imposed an internal accounting system on yourself that awarded zero points for winning and minus points for losing. You can never go ahead on points. That’s exactly what happened to me. 

I see the symptom all the time in business. Study the faces of some executives or salespeople when they achieve a big “win”. The best description of their demeanor is “grim faced”, and they trudge cheerlessly on to fight without comment. They have allotted themselves zero point for victory. 

This can occur as your expectations and the expectations of others get higher and higher – they keep raising the bar on you, and you keep raising it on yourself. „

Bill Walsh – The score takes care for itself

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